Sunday, May 6, 2012


This is Wonder Woman. I do not look anything like her. But I feel like her today. I rode 26.9 miles with Jon on the tandem yesterday. I rock.

Ok, I don't rock. On Friday, I was bemoaning my old-ladyness. On Saturday I was leaving self-respect behind as I loaded my substantial behind into spandex. Again, I remind the reader how much I do not look like Wonder Woman.

But I have to admit to a certain level of self pride that I sincerely hope is not self aggrandizement or worse, self delusion. I can twirl the Lasso of Truth and say in all honesty I have accomplished a Small Something. Last week, I did nineteen miles after not having ridden for a very very very long time. Yesterday, I was able to do seven more miles than the week before; up to twenty-six with a little left over. And only one dose of Advil. Not bad.

Yes, I am still a tubbybubblebutt. Yes, my legs are about as fit as a set of Oscar Meyer weiners. Yes, it will be quite some time before spandex is my fashion statement of choice. Wonder Woman could still kick my tushie with her little finger and not mess up her perfectly touseled hair. And yes, I have a very very very VERY long way to go.

But hey, I've covered the first thirty-eight-odd miles!

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  1. That is awesome!! Are you going to participate in the next STP? Either way, lemme know when that is, would love to be at the finish line cheering!