Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Secret!

Ok, no real secret here. We do not need the Hardy Boys to investigate why my legs are sore. My legs are sore because Jon and I took the tandem out today and logged in a little over 19 miles. Which for him is a little blip on the radar but for me, it's climbing K2.

Why not 20 miles? Well, because he is a good teacher and because uses the Disney Technique.

What, you ask, is the Disney Technique? The Disney Technique is that strategy by which you break a length of time over smaller installments and assure someone that they are Almost There and it's Just Around the Corner. It's how for over fifty years they've been able to get large groups of people to stand in line for an hour and a half for a ride that takes two minutes.

We went our usual route on Cedar River Trail, starting from our house and rolling down the residential street til we hit the gravel road, then walk across that to the trail, then a pretty-much-straight-shot for the next four miles or so.

Except this time, we did a little over 9 miles before turning back. Each time I thought we'd turn around, Jon would say, "Let's go to such-and-such, it's just a few hundred yards ahead." Which it was, more or less a mile. Then he'd do it again. And again.

And the best part was, I knew exactly what he was doing, and I was game. Yeah, I have discovered joints and muscles I have been unacquainted with, and yes, the undercarriage of my anatomy is a bit squeaky (which is why I will use the fabulously named "Butt Butter" next time) and yes, I will no doubt walk like an 80 year old tomorrow, but it was soooooooo totally worth it.

The Secret of the Sore Legs is this - they make your heart happy!

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