Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anyone else out there envious?

Anyone else out there envious of this face?

This face is not contemplating the anticipated results of the presidential election.

This face is not concerned about global warming, or the Frankenstorm on the east coast.

This face is not registering concern over the suppression of basic human rights in Myanmar or China, or agonizing over the rampant violence in Syria, or twisting itself into a pretzel trying to understand the fall of the Euro.

This face does not care that Disney just bought Lucasfilms and therefore there will someday be a Star Wars Episode Twenty-Four, or that red dye 40 is still alive and well and sitting in your box of Skittles, or that Iran is working on developing its nuclear power or that Afghan teenaged girls are being shot at because they want a book, or that all the bees of the earth are mysteriously disappearing, or that Justin Bieber may release another album and barf on stage again.

This is just a sleepy face.

There are times when I am deeply envious of this face, for what it does not know.

And for what it does know.

Anyone out there agree?

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